Friday, August 5, 2011

We Are Back! Finally!!!

After the summer break and a week of Administrative Meetings we are back!  I just wanted to give you an update of where we are.  By Friday, August 12th a letter with your Skyward Log in will be sent to your home.  On August 15th you will be able to log in and get information about teachers.  We should find out on Monday, August 8th whether they will give us our sixth session of Kindergarten.  On Monday we will have the computer assign students to classes and finalize class placement. If you would like to make a change of class placement you may request a change from August 16 to August 19.  Please send email requests for changes to or to  We will make as many changes as we possibly can while staying within District Guidelines.  Specific teacher requests will not be taken.  If you want a change of class it will be to whatever other class has the lowest number of students.  Class changes will be finalized on August 22nd. 

Letters for Kindergarten appointments (August 29 - September 6) will be sent to Kindergarten students with their screening appointment.  Kindergarten teachers will meet individually with students and assess them so they know what needs to be taught this year.

First grade students will also receive a letter for a first grade orientation with their teacher.  The orientation will take place on August 29th and will be in small groups with students, parents, and teacher meeting together.

Bus students will be receiving letters letting you know where the bus stop will be and that you are eligible for busing.  How Space Available on buses will be granted will be determined by the School Community Council.  

An update on the progress of the school construction:  The building will be completed by the time the students are scheduled to attend.  The hard surfaces of the playground will be completed and ready for play.  The grass areas in the fields may still be in process and students may need to stay off the grass play areas for a while until the grass is established.

There has been difficulty getting phone lines into the building.  We cannot receive a certificate of occupancy until the lines are in and the fire alarm is working.  We hope we will be able to have internet access as well when we are allowed in the building.  We have been told that teachers and the public will be able to access the building beginning on August 24th.  This date is dependent on receiving the certificate of occupancy which hinges on having phone lines and internet access to the building.

Connie and I will continue to work out of the District Office until August 24th.  We will be in and out of the office as we go between the school to receive orders which were scheduled for delivery and being at the district office with phones and internet.  You may continue to contact us by email or at 801-567-8109 or 801-567-8110.  Thanks for your patience as we work out the last few wrinkles to the start of a wonderful school year.

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