Friday, January 25, 2013

Year Round Rationalization

January 25, 2013
Dear Parents,

Thank you for your understanding of the Year-round announcement that was made yesterday.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some information about why the decision to go year-round was made.

1.     Fox Hollow Elementary is one of the largest Elementary Schools ever built in Jordan School District.  It has six additional classrooms.

2.     Fox Hollow is the 2nd largest traditional elementary in Jordan District. 

3.     Fox Hollow Elementary enrollment is at 940 students.

4.     Fox Hollow is the fastest growing Elementary School in Jordan School District.  We grew 90 students in August.  That amounts to four classes.

5.     There are no empty classrooms at Fox Hollow.  We have no empty space for growth.  Earlier in the year it became necessary to hire additional teaching staff to offset the high class loads.  Those teachers are currently teaching in the kiva areas of the school.

6.      The common areas of the school are overcrowded.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for grade levels to fit in the cafeteria for lunch.  Computer lab, library, and gym opportunities are reduced as enrollment increases

7.     Projections for our school point to continued growth.

I thought this information might be helpful to you as we move forward.   Thank you for your support of Fox Hollow Elementary.  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of Fox Hollow.  This is a great community.

Thanks again for your understanding.


Kevin Pullan

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