Monday, April 2, 2012

Building Better Students

Fox Hollow Elementary Is Building Better Students

As teachers started the year at the new Fox Hollow Elementary, principal Terri Summers wanted to develop a positive,accepting culture for students as they entered to learn. All teachers were trained in the Prevention Dimensions new Five Foundation Lessons during the summer and committed to teach these five lessons at the beginning of the school year. These 5 lessons are based on the “3 Cʼs” . They teach students to care about themselves, others and their community. Students learn to express feelings appropriately, cope with stress and work at solving problems individually as well as as in a group. One of the lessons, across grade levels, focuses on being a “builder” by saying and doing kind things rather than a “breaker” by putting someone down. Fox Hollow capitalized on this concept to promote a positive learning environment.

Teachers Kristen Clegg and Breanne Stump built upon this foundation to set UBI goals for their school. Each month Fox Hollow focuses on a character trait and recognize students, schoolwide, as part of the “Red Tail Building Crew” who demonstrate these attributes. Students are given hard hats and a lego in their gradeʼs color to help build the word Fox Hollow in the display case. By practicing and demonstrating these positive character traits students are helping to “build up” their school so that it is place where all students feel comfortable and are encouraged to learn.

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