Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kindergarten A.M. or P.M.

In July all students in the district are rolled over to the new school year.  After this time we will be able to assign students to their sessions.  Currently we have been given five sessions of Kindergarten but may be qualifying for six sessions.  We are waiting to see if we will get the sixth session and for the July roll over of students before we can assign A.M. or P.M.  We have more parents wanting A.M. Kindergarten then we have wanting P.M. Kindergarten.  We have currently hired three A.M. Kindergarten teachers and two P.M. Kindergarten teachers.  If a sixth session is added then we will have three A.M. Kindergarten classes and three P.M. Kindergarten classes.  We will do our best to honor all requests but will need to keep the class sizes evenly balanced.

By the second week of August you should be able to get on Skyward and see what session your child was assigned to, their teacher, and any busing information.  Skyward logins will be sent out.  If you currently have a login to Skyward it will not change.

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  1. I have a child starting kindergarten. I have logged into Skyward and I see no information on what session my child is in, am or pm?