Friday, June 3, 2011

Colors and Mascot

We are currently seeking input on school colors and mascot for Fox Hollow Elementary.  We will be taking input until June 17, 2011.  Students have had the opportunity to submit mascot and colors to their current elementary school.  You may also give your input by Posting a Comment on this blog.  We look forward to announcing the mascot and colors in the near future. 


  1. As far as mascots go, I think it should be something related to foxes, but not so blatant as the "Fox Hollow Foxes" because that sounds redundant. I'm thinking "Fox Hollow Red Tails" or something like that. "Fox Hollow Terriers" works well too, as a "Fox Terrier" is a common type of terrier.

    As for colors, I think the "fox" theme calls for something reddish, like a maroon and gold color scheme.

    My $0.02 worth.

  2. I like Zach's ideas, especially "Fox Hollow Red Tails."

  3. I like the "Fox Hollow Terriers" not the red tails. I think its best to stay away from referring to our kids as a part of the animals body and stick with an actual breed.
    One seems that Terriers is more of a breed of dog than it is fox. If you google Fox Terrier it is a breed of dog that doesn't seem to fierce or courageous by look alone. So do we want to be Foxes or Dogs? While my suggestions are no better and I can't come up with anything new just yet.....I guess it all depends on which breed you are going for.

  4. Mascot: Red tail fox.
    Colors: Burgandy and white.
    I used to see at least one fox a day out here on 7800 south. Now there are so many houses and the new freeway being built, I never see them. I am happy for the new school and growing community but sad about the loss of wild life. It would be a great way to honor what was here before us and a great thing to teach our children about!

  5. Just keep Red Tail Fox and the colors are well off being gold color and white or add a silver to it its a great combination. Just my thought you know something different is perfect add silver. (:

  6. should defiantely be something associated with "foxes" otherwise it would be silly to have a different mascot.

    red tail fox seems most appropriate.